Learn how to manage Flossy - Once and for all

Flossy 4 - Valerie Delforge.jpg
Flossy 4 - Valerie Delforge.jpg

Learn how to manage Flossy - Once and for all


Flossy is your difficult staff member.

In this unique workshop, learn how to manage Flossy and create a winning team within your business.

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Flossy is difficult, she can be late, have an attitude, not perform, or even be the best performer but far from a team player.

If you have a Flossy in your team, May is the month to deal with her.

Of course, we haven’t found a name for a male Flossy, we are still searching! But either-ways, Valerie wants to help you manage your difficult staff member(s) and support you in an easy process:

1 to 1 Remote Coaching with Valerie in May for 1 hr (to be secured by

Group Coaching on the 28th of May for 1 hr (don’ t worry, this will be recorded if you cannot attend!) to finalise the procedures.

This coaching will enable you to create processes and learn strong leadership skills to handle all types of Flossy. With her extensive experience, Valerie has had her fair share of Flossy’s and want to support you in creating the winning team that you deserve.