Control your stock - This is a recording but the process stays the same


Control your stock - This is a recording but the process stays the same


Your stock is your 2nd highest cost in your Spa / Salon after HR.

“Every decisions that you make should be a financial one” is one of Valerie’s motto, yet, she sees a lot of emotional decisions being made around stock. Become organised with this online workshop.

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This is a recording but the process stays the same

Creating a stock control will not only help you to reduce your costs but enable you to generate stronger long term growth.

If you control your stock you will find your cashflow is stronger, you are able to invest in other brands and create stronger protocols for your treatments.

“I had a pedicure the other day as a mystery shopper, the therapist used so much products, I could have had 5 pedicures with the amount of product she used” Valerie said coming back to the office.

What are you doing to control your stock? What system do you have in place? is it strong enough and how can you garantee this happens whether you are in the business or not.

This workshop will result in money making, long term results, are you ready!


You will be sent a questionnaire when you sign up for this workshop and a link to join the group coaching. Before the workshop, Valerie will already analyse your stock situation..

If you cannot make that time, you will be sent a recording of the group coaching, however, we strongly recommend that you attend as you will be coached and be able to ask questions on the day.

Once the group coaching has happened, you will be sent a global master-sheet with homework to do. This will be a detailed plan of action for your stock and what to do in details to control it.

You will then have 1 hour coaching with Valerie (worth £250) to discuss how the new system is working and what to refine & control to reduce your costs.

Enjoy! This is extremely popular with her clients!