Valerie Delforge 

Valerie Delforge - CEO & Founder

  • Consultant of The Year Finalist 2016

  • Awarding Judge for World & Wellness Spa, British Hairdresser Business Award & Professional Beauty

  • Key Note Speaker

  • Business Strategist, Commercial Trainer & Coach for the Spa & Beauty industry

  • COO for key projects such as Naked Hare - Masters of Waxing and Beauty & Shine - Aesthetics

Since moving to the UK from France, Valerie has dedicated over 25 years to working her way up the corporate ladder in the spa and beauty industry. Throughout her career Valerie has worked with some of the world's leading brands and developed her skills across every aspect of running a business. Realising early on she had a passion for sharing knowledge and a wealth of expertise built up over the years, Valerie went on to launch herself as a Business Strategy Consultant in 2016.

With Valerie loves to share her knowledge and encapsulates an individual's vision and dreams to create a specific operational strategy, setting their clients up on the path to success.

Recognising the operational aspects as “the heart of any business” Valerie soon made it her mission to help others achieve operational success. From helping her clients to make sound financial decisions to outlining all SOP’s (Standard Operating Procedures), she gives those in spa management the opportunity to spend more time being creative in meeting the demands of their business and employees.

Valerie simply loves to take its clients businesses to the next level.

Valerie believe that anyone can run a successful business. Through her years of experience, there is no challenge Valerie has not faced. She will not only empower you to proceed on your own journey but she will support you by conducting monthly, quarterly and yearly targets that you will achieve together.

 Valerie has expertise in the following fields:

  • Global master mentoring

  • Brand advisor  

  • Start up business plan

  • Time management  

  • Operation management  

  • Team structure support and change management  

  • Budget planning and forecasting

  • Branding and rebranding  

  • Digital media strategy  

  • Create an engaging website

  • Management programmes

  • Train the trainers  

  • Targeted and bespoke workshops