Rosanna, Beauty Therapist

I found the training really helpful and feel more confident in trying to retail and that I have quite a few new tools and tips at my disposal to try a few new ways of going about retailing and how to talk about the client.

Kirsty, Beauty Therapist

From training, I have learnt how important it is to retail and gain profit for the business. Also the steps of the client journey you must take to achieve your targets in retail. Finding out the needs of the client also plays a major role in retail so you can sell them the best product suited to their needs.

Natalie, Beauty Therapist

Its been great to get the motivation and the actual true meaning of retail by making it enjoyable rather than a bore. In all honesty, I had become lazy and it didn’t really sink into my head and I had lost a lot of motivation for it. However, the training has helped a great deal of how you can make improvements for the treatments and the spa.

Fern, Beauty Therapist

I have learnt that selling is possible in any circumstance/situation as its all about trying to the best of your ability.

Hannah, Beauty Therapist

The training has helped me understand the different ways of selling products, what questions to ask and how and when to ask them, ideas on how to make changes. Its really helped boost my confidence in retail as a whole.

Teresa, Beauty Therapist

The training has been helpful as it highlighted the different reasons and ways you can retail to a customer. I think it was good that the training focused on the mindset of the therapist and client when it comes to retailing as that is something that is achievable to focus on, changing and ensuring that it’s been done on a regular basis to help boost the end result and create more sales.

Carole, Beauty therapist

The roleplay help us test out different scenarios and develop our skills for selling in different situations. The training also helped me to understand how much involvement I have as a receptionist without even realising it. During this session, I also realised just because a customer says ‘No’ don’t let it stop you trying to sell as not everyone will.

Nathalie, Beauty Therapist

The training has made me feel more confident in knowing ways to retail and how to approach it with my client.

Alice, Beauty Therapist

I came out of the training feeling very positive and very confident to go out and sell. I also feel more confident about how to do that and what strategies I need to use.

Kirsty, Beauty Therapist

I feel a lot more confident and motivated on how I can retail to more clients. The training has made me understand more on how to approach clients about their concerns and how I can go about retailing to them.

Melissa, Beauty Therapist

The training is extremely informative and motivational. It encourages us as therapists to actually care about retailing both for the clients and our own benefit. It is demonstrated well with the presentation and yourself being excellent at pursuing your ideas and using your experience to its fullest.

Christine, Beauty Therapist

The training was very helpful as I learnt more strategies on how to get customers to buy more products. Also, I learnt more reasons as to why retail is so important to the business and ways to get customers to have confidence in our knowledge.

Rebecca, Salon Manager

Valerie is so easy to listen to and is full of knowledge and experience in the spa/salon industry. She tackled the information and training to suit our individual needs. I have learnt so much and cannot wait to put it into practice.

Sleeping Beauty Manager - Natalie

Valerie is very friendly, professional and helpful. She is an inspiration and has lots of industry knowledge.

Sleeping Beauty Manager - Rozalyn

I thought Valerie’s way of teaching came across really well and put things to us in a relatable way, using her own past experiences and made it fun to listen to.

Saoirse, Hairdresser

Valerie, you were wonderful, I have changed the whole way at looking on how to sell. I am so thankful for what you have done today and taking your time to do so.

Emma, Hairdresser

I really enjoyed the retail training as it opened my mind about everyday people and how to get your mind around selling.

Ciara, Hairdresser

Really enjoyed this training - Valerie is extremely friendly and very knowledgeable on all aspects of retail. I feel much more confident in my selling ability.

Elanie, Beauty Therapist

Very informative and interesting, I feel a lot more positive on approaching sales and communicating with my client’s journey.

Lisa, Hairdresser Manager

Valerie was very good at explaining the importance of selling retail without sounding pushy towards the client.

Dela, Hairdresser
My head is spinning and for the first time in a long time, I have focus! I am back and excited about continuing and developing.

Nimah, Spa Operation Manager

Valerie is amazing I learned so much the last few days. I know she will be there as support throughout our journey of growth. I cannot wait to get started and use the strategies and skills we have been taught.

Louisa, Spa Manager

Really knowledgeable, knows what she’s talking about as she has been there done it. You can instantly feel how passionate she is about her job and retail.

Clare, Spa Manager

I had a great day and could have listened to you for longer, I gained some wonderful tips and advice and cannot wait to put it all into practice.

Lizze, Salon Manager

I loved learning about merchandising and how to overcome therapists barriers.

Katherine, Spa Manager

This has been a big eye-opener ! I have learnt that there is so much more we can do to retail and how to do so. Valerie is amazing and I can’t wait to put it into practice.

Fran, Assistant Salon Manager

This was a fantastic training, a great interactive session which was very informative and will definitely help me in the future.

India, Salon Manager

Valerie was motivational and extremely passionate about retail which was an inspiration to me, her positive energy was passed around the room.

Kirsty, Salon Manager

I gained more confidence throughout this session and to be more positive. You can sell if you put your mind to it is the quote from today that will stick with me for a while whilst I put everything into practice.

Laura, Supervisor

I really enjoyed the training with Valerie and I am certain that it will help me with my future sales and recommendations.

Lucy, Salon Manager

Thank you, Valerie, for a fun and informative session, I have learnt that selling doesn’t have to be a scary thing!

Sarah, Salon Owner

Really enjoyed my training with Valerie and i will happily put into place some of the things i have learnt today. It was nice to have a ray of positive vibes and energy as it made everyone feel inspired and motivated which is what we needed as it showed us that selling doesn’t have to be a difficult job and anything is possible when you put your mind to it.