5 tips on attracting new clients

Create your dream client board

You cannot attract any clients if it’s all in your head. It seems obvious, but a clear vision of who you want to attract will make your communication a lot more targeted. Is it a younger crowd? How young? Where and how can you communicate with them? Who could influence your strategy? Local school? Be as detailed as you can and answer the Open-Ended Questions: Who – What – Where – How – Why – When. Ideally, each of these should have 5 questions to ensure that you are really drilling down and become clearer.

Another creative way is to have a board with your dream clients: What do they look like? Where do they go? What social media do they use? How can I communicate with them? Is it an event, a charity fundraising, a fashion show?... A visual board will help you to be precise, consider it as your mood board.

Get your staff involved

You don’t have to do this alone, to involve your team is creating a momentum as to what they want. It ensures that you are creating more than 1 energy to the search of this new customer. They are a great influence to your success, get them to complement your mood board and think of ideas of how to generate interest in your business.

Manage your reviews

The biggest influence to attract new clients. When you book a holiday or a restaurant, do you look at reviews? This is the same for everything that we do. Your potential customers will look at reviews to get an idea of who you are and what you have to offer. Don’t worry about the bad ones, what matters is how you have responded. Avoid template responses, answer publically but take the dialogue off line. Encourage reviews from evert aspects of your customer journey.

Connect with your local influencers

These are your amazing WOM (Word of Mouth) customers. They do the marketing for you! Who are they in your community? Press? Local charity? Association? A mum at school? When you work out your dream client, think of whom your influencer would be in that category.

Perhaps you have a customer with a huge social media following? It is crucial that you identify them and treat them to your amazing treatments. Be aware however, do monitor what they bring to your business as you don’t want to keep giving away things for free.