Why Track your Marketing Activities?

Very simply - If you've created a good marketing activity you will want to do more of it. If the reverse is true then it's not worth the effort.

It's crucial to weigh up the costs of your activities and not just financially. Sometimes, an activity will cost you more financially than it brought in, but it's important to look at the overall picture.  Work out what you gained in terms of new customers, exposure etc.

Always think what was my ROI: Return On Investment.

More often than not your salon staff will all have differing views on the success of a particular marketing activity.  This is because we all perceive things differently.  For example, your receptionist may have been the lucky one - the one to greet the only 2 people to enter your salon for that activity. But maybe the rest of your staff have seen no-one!

So all that matters is Black and White, concrete evidence of your activity. Don’t assume anything until you have the facts.

So, I have 10 minutes - what should I do now?

Have a book/word document and write in your own way about all the activities you have scheduled. If you keep it up to date, it will only take you 10 minutes!

For each of these activities look into:


MATERIAL - Did I need special props or materials for this particular promotion?

STAFF COST  - Are there any time costs? Have you had to send someone Hourly/daily?

PRINTING - Did I need to print anything?

TIME - How much time was needed to prepare this activity? This should be included in the cost.

HOW MANY PEOPLE DID I TOUCH? - Whether it's customers or Networking contacts, they all have the potential to talk about your business. It's important to assess that.

·       TIMING OF THE ACTIVITY - It's important to look at the time element. Would the activity have been more successful if it was shorter/longer? Is it worth doing again differently in order to generate better results.

·       MEASURE THE SUCCESS - How much did I make from it? Cost vs Revenue. How many people have booked/reboooked? Why was it successful/unsuccessful? What element was popular/unpopular?

·       GET FEEDBACK - It's important to get both customer and staff feedback in order to get an overall opinion of the activity’s success. It's the only way to make up your own mind as to whether it's worth doing again.