How can your influencers work for you?

Your influencers are the ones that can generate the best networking opportunities within your business.

Assess who they are and their influence on the community:

  • Look into your customer database

  • Generate a list of local heros

  • Look into local associations that are very active within your area

  • Look into a social media

  • Look into the local journalist/ blogger

  • Wider audience

  • Bloggers

  • Social Media

  • Linkedin

Ask yourself: What relationship can you create with them?

  • Consider complementary treatments/products for the ones that are worth investing in.

  • If they introduce 5 people they get a complimentary treatment

  • Create a VIP package just for them

  • Get them to try products at home in exchange for social media awareness

  • Create VIP events to ensure they feel special: preview of new treatments/ new retail products etc.