The Power of Networking

Businesses are constantly striving to expand their client base.  It is important, therefore, to be open to potential opportunities in order to gain new clients.

Alongside marketing activities, networking can be extremely rewarding and constructive as it allows you to gain new clients and generate year on year growth.

3 reasons to Network:

·       Create business partnerships

Always think DATA when you network. 

Legally you cannot get other business's data but you can create  partnerships with other business's that will be mutually beneficial - giving  you the opportunity to generate new data.

·       Create a buzz around the salon

Networking allows you to become a household name within your community.  Word of mouth can be very powerful but persistence must become your best friend.

Do not underestimate the value of any event you create. Even if you felt you didn’t get anywhere on the day, you may reap the rewards later.

·       No budget involved

The budget for networking is minimal, if not free.

Networking is at the heart of your salon’s growth, opening you up to various events/activities and generating an interest in who you are and what you do.