Connect with your Target Market

Here are the 3 points to consider:

  • Create events that are relevant

If you want to attract a young crowd, what events would you say are relevant to them?

Whether it's money or new customers, It's essential the events bring you more than the time spent on them.  Sometimes, creating awareness is necessary even if you can't see the benefit of it straight away. But you'll need to assess that after any activities you create.

Always think: How will I collect the DATA & How do I get them to BOUNCE BACK to the salon.

  • The Power of Networking

Networking will ensure you create activities that are relevant to your target market.

Make sure you're delivering the message you know will attract these clients to your salon. It’s all about the contact you can make in order to grow your customer database.

  • Email or text campaign

In order to send the right message to the right people, you need information. Your database is your bread and butter and you can increase the numbers organically or through various activities including social media.  

You can focus on an email, text or event marketing campaign depending on the results you want to generate.