Define your partnership

You have decided to go ahead with a partnership, so what happens now?

·       Detailed operation

First of all you need to outline the level of partnership you want to create.  Once you have done this you must generate a detailed to do list.  This should specify the role of every person within the partnership.  It should also define the level of responsibility for each person.  Details about timing and staffing levels should also be included.  How you function is crucial - you are trying to impress in order to get new clients.  The smoother the operation the more successful you will become.  

·       Follow up email

Everything you do must be followed up with an email to ensure communication between both parties is clear. A follow up email ensures  expectations are set and that you mean what you say, thereby ensuring a concrete partnership.     

·        Define the flow of the partnership

It is then very important to ensure the flow of the activity is delivered in a timely manner. There is nothing worse than creating something then to be late or inconsistent in the delivery. Your to do list will help you.  However, you checking every step of the way will contribute to the success of it.

·       Take ownership

Don’t wait for others to make decisions - take ownership and control. Be the leader. You do not have to do everything yourself, however, it is important you oversee what is happening.

·       Monitor and share results

Ensuring that you monitor the results and share them will be an important aspect of building a successful relationship.  Whether the results are good or not, it is important to talk about them. You can then both decide whether you want to carry on, do it again or tweak it to make it better.