Loyal compared to Transient customers

Loyal customers

A loyal customer is loyal to a particular service provider. That service provider may come with a clientele who follow him/her everywhere they work, or a customer may sample their service and want to rebook with them. It's great to employ service providers with their own client base. However, always think one step ahead as when they leave you may suffer from those empty chairs!

Transient customers

For a customer to become a loyal one, he/she must have come to your salon at least 4 times. A transient customer is loyal to your salon not a particular service provider. This type of customers is great as they're using every part of your salon and if a service provider leaves, they are happy to try someone else.


To get your loyal customers sampling other treatments from the salon, so they're also transient to other parts of your salon. Also to ensure you constantly CROSS SELL to other services.


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