5 ways to make my existing clients happy

It's important to you keep your existing customers happy in order ensure they carry on returning. But this is not always easy.

Here are 5 ideas for keeping your customers engaged:

Loyalty card

Loyalty cards help the customer feel they're getting value for money. It's also a way in which to thank them for their continued custom.

There are various ways to create loyalty cards, but it's important to remember one thing: KEEP IT SIMPLE

The easier it is to understand and redeem the better the engagement. Make sure you hand out loyalty cards uniformly to every customer. If a customer finds out that someone was offered one but they weren't you take the risk of a loss of trust in your business.

Communication between you and your team must be clear. This way everyone will know the Loyalty Card exists and that everyones entitled to it. 

Have you thought of Memberships?


Running competitions are a good way to engage with your existing clientele.

For example, think about the “everyone wins” scenario.

“The best quote describing the salon wins a hamper of products and treatments worth £200”

Decide on the winner and send an email to the “losers”


I am sorry on this occasion you didn’t win. However, since we value your custom and want to thank you for entering, we are sending you a voucher/invitation to our next event/

We look forward to seeing you soon!

TC: Just quote “Competition 1” on your next appointment, not valid with any other offers”

Rethink your “Recommend a friend” campaign

Recommend a friend is always a good way to ensure you grow your clientele from within.  It's also, in some ways, the cheapest form of advertising. It not only gives your existing clientele an incentive to stay with you but it brings New Clients to your salon.

However, recommending a friend is not necessarily as popular as it used to be. So in order to generate a strong impact, keep it efficient by setting it for a limited time only.  You can do this during your quieter months, weeks or even days. 

Follow up message

Sometimes a simple message is as a effective as a loyalty card. Ensuring your clients know you value their custom. This message can be a phone call or a post card and is not to promote anything, just a simple acknowledgment of their visit. 

VIP list

Create a VIP list and decide what advantages can be available for VIP's.  For example: a new product, events, discount etc.

Decide on your VIP criteria:

·       Anyone who has spent a certain amount of money in your salon (any clients who have spent over: £??)

·       Anyone who has had a certain number of treatments in your salon (30 treatments or more?) as sometimes the value is not a fair example

·       Your top 20/50/100 clients