Ideas for your New Customer Welcome Pack

It's a good idea to follow up with new customers for the following reasons:

You present a professional image.

You create an instant trust in your business.

You can reiterate your policies and procedures.

It shows the client you care about meeting his/her needs.

The information included can act as a reminder to you about what you should be doing and when


Here are 4 ways of enticing customers back to your salon:


Example 1:

After a treatment, the customer is handed a letter which entices him/her to come back for future appointments. This letter can be emailed if that's easier but when someone is given something special they tend to treasure it more than an email. If you take the principle that after 4 visits your customer becomes a regular one, then you need to entice them to come back to you at least 4 times.

Here is an example of such letter:

Salon Logo


Subject: Welcome to our Salon


Thank you for visiting our salon, we hope you have enjoyed your time with us and as we value your custom we would like to offer the following:

  1. For your next visit, you will receive a complimentary treatment (try and think of a treatment she has not had yet so you can get him/her to sample other services)

  2. On your 3rd visit, with any treatment booked, you will receive a (Shampoo and Conditioner/ Cleanser and Toner/ Nail Varnish and File) that will be targeted for your need.

  3. On your 4th visit, with any treatment booked, you will receive a complimentary ½ hour treatment of your choice

TC: not valid in conjunction with any other offers, Valid for (1 year/6 months)

Don’t worry, everything will be put on your notes so you do not need to bring this letter every time!


Example 2:

After a week of their visit, you send them a handwritten letter with some retail samples. This is much more of a soft approach but nonetheless a very nice touch.


It was lovely meeting you last (day) and we hope you enjoyed your treatment/we would like to thank you for taking the time to review your treatment with us.

We wanted to thank you for your custom and show our appreciation by sending a few samples of…… to try at home.

Do let us know how you get on with them. We look forward to seeing you again soon.


Example 3:

At the end of the treatment you hand out a pack to the client. The presentation of it needs to reflect your brand and you can think of what you want it to be containing.

Here are some essentials:

  • Samples

  • Loyalty card

  • Treatment menu

  • Any information on treatments you currently have

  • Short story of your business (people LOVE stories!)

  • Mission statement of your company (if you don’t have one, then make one!)

  • FAQ that you can put together

  • How they can book

  • An offer like a simple % off or a voucher with a value on it works very well (£20 off your next treatment can be effective) or a voucher for complimentary treatments

  • Payment and cancellation policies

  • A calendar of your days off/important dates (like your business anniversary, events etc)

  • A contact information sheet

  • Your most recent newsletter


Example 4:

The good old fashion PHONE CALL!

“Hi Mrs Smith, it’s Valerie from Bliss, I wanted to follow up on your recent visit to the Spa. Was there anything more we could have done for you?

  • How did your treatment make you feel?

  • What results were you looking for?

  • When is your next appointment?

  • How did your skin feel afterwards?

  • Was there anything else you were looking for?

Just to let you know that for your next visit I have put on your record card that we will be giving you (% off, product, treatment etc) would you like me to book you in now?