5 Types of Customers

There are 5 types of customers within your database.

It is important to understand who they are so all your marketing activities can be targeted to each of these groups:



·       Why have they come to you?

·       Who are they?

·       What do they want?

·       Communication with this client is crucial as you need to ensure they like the service and have a good experience overall so they book with you again

·       At least 20% of your customers should be new ones as this will enable your business to grow year on year

·       Ensure the data you are collecting is correct. Your database is only as good as the accuracy of the information you are imputing

·       AIM: To get them to become a repeat customer



·       If they have visited your salon 4 times they become a regular client

·       You should already understand who this customer is and what they want

·       Communication with them should be consistent and targeted to their needs

·       Opportunity to up-sell is strong with them

·       Ask for feedback, this will not only increase revenue but generate fans of your business

·       AIM: Make a Loyal Customer to a service provider become a Transient customer to your salon (use other services)



·       A lapsed customer is when he/she is no longer active within your business

·       Decide when a customer becomes a lapsed customer

·       Understand what category he/she is so you can create targeted marketing

·       Therefore their history is important

·       Create a generic email or letter to entice them back into the salon

·       AIM:  to make them active



·       Local hero, press, staff, customers

·       Strong social media presence

·       Influencer when it comes to local activities

·       Will say a lot about you and your business

·       Crucial to keep them on your side.  They can be very positive, although they need to be managed correctly

·       AIM: To ensure this relationship if beneficial to you both



·       Can be part of any category

·       Most likely to fall into new customer category

·       Fill the white spaces in your diary and bring in extra revenue

·       They either stay with you and become regular or are regular with the 3rd party they are using. 


By understanding who your customers are, you are able to generate targeted marketing for each of the category which increases conversion in your salon.