I have 10 minutes for my Marketing

have 10 minutes, what can I do to be pro-active with my networking activities?

10 ideas that can take you 10 minutes each to investigate:

1.  Look at your competitor's website. Who are they partnering with? What are they doing or not doing that could be of an interest to you?

2.  Utilise the power of social media to see what is trending. Can you use any ideas for your business?

3.  What are the various businesses up to in your area?

4.  Look in to any potential activities within your community

5.  Look at any Charity you could raise money for and create something fun that you can talk about on your social media and get the team involved

6.   Invite the influencers within your local area for a complimentary treatment and informal meeting

7.   Look at your database to check who your influencers are among your clientele

8.  Check your customer’s followers - there might be an influencer there somewhere

9.  Attend a networking event with the chamber of commerce

10.  Check out all the hotels without beauty and hair services and see if they would be interested in partnership