Spa/Salon Meetings or no Meetings, that is the Question

Salon meetings or no meetings? That is the question. Successful teams are the ones that make time for regular meetings. However, individual or team meetings can be scarce and disjointed. Communication within your salon or spa is one of the most important aspects of a smooth business operation. Let’s look at why they’re important and some of the best practices to implement for 2017.

Avoiding Salon Meetings: The Typical Excuses

1 – Salon meetings are time-consuming

2- The team is established, they know what is happening

3- I send a newsletter to my clients and give it to my team

4- The same people always get praised

5- I don’t know what to talk about

Do any of these excuses ring a bell? And the thing is, I’m sure there are much more out there.


Why Bother Meeting Up?

Reason 1 – Procedures

Sure, meetings are time-consuming. However, they are the best investment you can make to create a winning team. They allow you to iron things out before they get out of control. They are informative, educational, bring everyone together and set standards. But most importantly, meetings allow the team to be aware of your procedures, ensuring no one can come back and say ‘they didn’t know’.

Reason 2 – Motivation

Managers of well-established teams often think they don’t need meetings. However, in this instance, meetings are essential for keeping your team motivated. You can make the meetings fun, innovative and creative. For example, I had a manager in a hair salon who used to take his team for a breakfast meeting every month. They loved it and appreciated their time out. Another manager only did this if the targets were met. Another one had their team salon meetings in their salon with everyone baking a cake for it! Personally, I used to get each team member to present something to the team, whether it be a product they loved or a treatment they were good at. This way everyone felt valued as well as feeling involved in the meeting.

Reason 3 – Updates & Brainstorming

The importance of ensuring your team knows what is happening is crucial for achieving set targets. Most great ideas come from the staff. They are the ones working with the customers and know what they want. Encouraging your team to talk about marketing ideas or new treatments not only gets them involved in your business but in the area in which they have chosen to talk.

Best Practices

Take Your Yearly Diary And Plan Your Meetings

Individual meetings are quarterly

Team meetings are monthly

Even if you go on holiday, team meetings should still take place. There is always time to reschedule individual meetings. These meetings should be planned well in advance, so you have time to prepare and bring a strategy together.

Individual Meetings Are For Setting The Tone

This is where you give your team their required targets, plan their individual journey within your business, talk about training or interests they have. But most importantly, get them to understand and know what you expect from each of them. Your time with them should be no longer than 1 hour, sometimes ½ hr will suffice. This allows them to have a relationship with you and improves communication which ultimately makes everything smoother.

Team Meetings Don’t Have To Be Conducted By You Only

1- Talk about results from the previous month, and any incentives won. If you feel it’s always the same people that win, why not praise someone else for their work. For example, cleanliness of their room, peer support or amazing client reviews. You can easily find alternatives to ensure everyone receives praise at some point.

2- Talk about finances and results for no longer than 1/2hr. Otherwise, it gets boring for everyone. You will be very surprised how much the team expects this and how they love to know whether they achieve their targets or not.

3- Think of educational workshops from outsiders like the brands you hold. Or even get a therapist who has a particular talent in a given area, to talk about that to everyone.

4- Go through your salon’s marketing, results and what is coming up. To keep employees focused, give them information for the month ahead only. And go through the targets or incentives you have set for these activities.

5- Get the team to have their say, get things off their chest, but adopt the Hot Dog Method of communication: positive, negative, positive. Even if it is something that cannot be resolved, finish on a positive note. Explaining why something cannot happen makes them realise your side of the story and sometimes it’s all they need to hear to get on with their jobs.

Be Consistent

If you think you make no impact with these meetings, think again.

They are crucial to the smooth running of the business.  But they need to be consistent – there is nothing worse than sporadic salon meetings. Consistency is easy once you plan ahead. So go on and get that calendar and implement them for 2017!


Valerie Delforge - Founder and CEO of Delforge + Co

Key Note Speaker, Commercial Trainer, Judge, Coach & Mentor

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Rebranding Spa Verta

So here it is .. My first EVER blog post, Valerie at Delforge & Co gave me the push to get something up on the Wednesday takeover on her site and share some insights into the day to day life of managing a Spa. 

Firstly, I will begin with a bit about my background, I have been managing Spa Verta at the Crowne Plaza hotel in Battersea for almost 5 years now; previously working at the Waldorf Astoria Syon Park and coming from a therapy background working in various luxurious locations abroad before settling in London.

I have grown Spa Verta with the huge help of my team, into a profitable, award winning business with a great reputation that celebrity’s, bloggers, journalists & spa junkies seek to attend. 

This week however we have had a complete rebrand to go solely with one skincare range and I am so excited to share with you just some of the things you need to consider when rebranding, this should never be a quick, simple decision even if you already favour one brand, a lot of thought needs to go into this to ensure it is done successfully and that you are definitely going to get the return on investment for your business. 

Always remember with a rebrand you have to redo your website, brochures, marketing collateral and packages so it's not as easy as just making the decision & stocking the shelves with something new and hoping it will sell.

Think long and hard and make sure your business proposal is in place and detailed with a clear plan of the steps you will take to implement it. 

I had numerous of meetings with different skincare brands, it is important to see what a variety of brands have to offer each with their own concepts & point of differences however I have noted ten key things that I had to consider when choosing the right one for us. 

 1. Are the point of sale items complimentary or at least at low cost? You need to know that the brand is ready to support you and has the tools to do so.  

2. Is the training included and often? You do not want half your team not trained as the training dates are so sparse. Make sure the training location is close by or that they will attend your site to train the team. 

3. Does the brand image and concept fit with your Spa?

4. Is the Business Manager ready to help you coach your business to success, do they believe in the brand and sell the brand in a way that you can’t even wait to try these products let alone your clients. Does the brand incentivise the team on their retail generously? 

5. Does the recommended retail price sit well with the type of clientele you have visiting the spa. 

6. What is the cost of the professional stock? Work out what you are spending each month on the individual items and see where you can make the biggest savings, if you use something in high volumes (ours is oils)  it is always worth negotiating to see if the brand can support you further. This could be the biggest decision maker in choosing a brand as you need to know the cost of the treatments are kept to a minimum without the quality of treatments being effected. 

7. Do the products do what they say they are going to do? Do they get the results you would expect as a client? Clients want to know what they are using on their skin is worth the additional money they are spending.  Make sure you at least experience a treatment or the products before making the decision, preferably both. 

8. What's the opening order, do you really need three of everything on the shelves? Personalise your order to what fits with your business. You don't want tons of stock sat on the shelves and not shifting, if you have good stock control you can ensure you are ordering as regularly as you need to ensure the correct stock is on the shelves. 

9. Is the brand present in the market? Will you attract customers because of the brand name? You want your customers to seek the brand you have chosen and choose your venue because of this. 

10. Are you prepared to make it happen?! Get your launch date organised, build it up through social media, send out newsletters to your approved database, get the information out there ready for launch and make sure your therapists are totally on board; they will need to love it to sell it as much as you! 


Tamsin x