No shows solutions

The problem of no show clients can be a tricky and frustrating one.  But it's important to to tackle this subject head on and implement some kind of solution.

Most salons have a 24 hours cancellation policy in place if the client cannot make the appointment.

But it's important to understand that taking money from anyone’s bank account is illegal unless you call them and explain what you're doing. If they say no or dispute it, you have no right to take their money and they are entitled to a refund even if they know in advance about this 24 hour cancellation policy.

A lot of time and energy can be wasted with this policy and it's not entirely black and white in terms of where everyone stands.

Although the 24 hour policy can be a deterrent there are other policies that can be looked into:

3 examples of policies that work:

·       A £20 booking fee for any appointment (you secure at least some of the salary and overhead costs if someone doesn’t turn up).

·       50% deposit for any appointment (this ensures if they don’t turn up you lose nothing at all)

·       50% deposit for any appointment above £50 (depending the threshold you want to set, this works best if you don’t want to charge a booking fee or deposit for every appointment)

This subject is always a hot topic among salon owners and staff as we are understandably scared of losing our clientele. I would suggest you implement one of the above options if this problem is an issue within your salon. Some of you have no need, although the 50% deposit for a long term or high money scenario is always a good one to have.

It's all about teaching your clients to be respectful of your work. If you go to the dentist, are you not being asked to pay a deposit? Don't we take it seriously? Why can't our industry do the same?


Valerie Delforge - Founder and CEO of Delforge + Co

Judge, Key Note Speaker, Commercial Trainer & Coach for the Beauty Industry

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5 tips on diary policies

1: 50% deposit for any treatment over £50

This is a good way to not lose out on expensive treatments and an effective way to see who is serious about their appointments.

2: Strict policy on complementary appointments

As a way of networking you may find you give out free appointments to friends, models or family. However if you aren't careful you can end up with a whole day of non profit generating customers. Even on your quiet days you must ensure there are no more than 2 complimentary customers. You can restrict complimentary appointments to quiet times to ensure your diary is not compromised on busy days.

3: A strict “no more than twice rule” for new clients

If new clients don't show up for an appointment more than twice you then charge them in advance for their next appointment. If you're clear about this policy you set expectations. It then won't be a surprise to your client when they're told to pay in advance. You can warn them: “As you know our policy is very strict, if you cannot make it do let us know 24 hours in advance”

4: A strict “3 times rule” for your regular clients

It's difficult to implement the 'no more than twice rule' with your regular clients.  But you cannot have one policy for one client and another one for someone else and if you don't tackle the problem they will carry on getting away with it.   

So if someone keeps misbehaving ask yourself if they're worth the trouble they're causing.  Make a list of customers who are not supporting the policy and manage that list by talking to them.

5: Make exception to the rule difficult to get

There are exceptions of course.  However do make it difficult for them to get away with bad behaviour.  Everything needs to be written on their notes so you can assess the pattern, if any, of this client. Discuss and talk to your clients.  Be understanding and tell them: “On this occasion we will overlook your no show, however do be aware that the next time..." Or “I understand the situation and as a gesture of goodwill I will overlook the policy”


Valerie Delforge - Founder and CEO of Delforge + Co

Judge, Key Note Speaker, Commercial Trainer & Coach for the Beauty Industry

Become Commercially aware