Create a 5* Customer service in easy 5 steps

Great Customer Service adds extra added value to your business,  building long lasting relationships with both existing and new clients.

The aim of good customer service is to generate fans of your Spa and get them talking. So not only your customers keep you in mind for future appointments but you become their point of reference when they talk about a Spa experience.

How can we define such a broad subject?

It simply comes down to the details of the customer journey and how smooth your team is at delivering your high standards.

Right from the time the customer researches your venue you make an impression on them.

If you consider Customer Service to be your Unique Selling Point (USP) then it will become yours and your team’s priority

5 areas of focus to generate a 5*customer service

1: Define your customer journey

Be extremely detailed as it will make the difference between a 5* customer service and an average one.

Think about the way the phone is answered, the welcoming from reception, the retail experience, the treatment itself, the good bye, the communication thereafter.

For example: Do you offer food in the relaxation area? How and when is the food is changed? Who does it? Is it important to bring it on a trolley? Do the team members wears gloves? Who then checks the food during the day? All theses questions are important and will define how the customer feels.

A written procedure will be a great way for your team to understand what you expect of them. Ensure the procedure is given to each of your team members but is also available for anyone to see. Set these standards from the start, even at interview level.

Get your team to undergo various customer experiences and at a team meeting get them to talk about it. How did they feel and why? Would they go back? They don't have to have a treatment, they could just pretend to book somewhere in person or on the phone. By talking about it together you're able to define what is and isn't working. If it's a team decision your staff are more likely to respect it.

2: Assess monthly

It's important to look at your spa from your customer’s point of view. Sometimes we're so busy with operational issues we forget about the customer.

Once a month, go in as a customer, see what they see and look at how other customers are being treated.

Try to stay for a while, in a dressing gown, in your jeans, whatever suits your spa but basically relaxed.  Observe reception, relaxation area, changing rooms etc. The team will know you're there and will be cautious at first but the longer you stay around the more relaxed they become and soon the daily habits return. You will be able to see what is truly going on!

It's also important to get a mystery shopper in once a month.  This should be at varying times of the day to ensure the quality of customer service is the same every day from morning to evening.

Ensure you have a form for the mystery shopper to fill in.  As well as being evidence of what is happening within your spa you will be able to manage your team members from the customer feedback and generate best practice.

3: Encourage and manage reviews

Reviews are your best friend when it comes to customer service. They're not only a great revenue driver but are also very useful for assessing your spa any time.

Get feedback on the customer journey wherever possible. For example, leaving a guestbook at reception is a good idea.

Generate best practice through reviews by feeding them back to your team on a regular basis. If a team member keeps getting bad reviews, how many will you tolerate before starting performance management?

Every Monday randomly call 10 customers from the previous week. A phone call can make them feel that their opinion counts. It's also an opportunity to find out anything they might not have said on the feedback form.

4: Train your team to become leaders in customer service

If you want to be the best, you need to invest your time in training and retraining your teams to your standard. Training can take the form of team meetings, team building days or even just a quick 15 minutes before shift.

Are there some national or local awards you could aim for to put a stamp on your business integrity? 

5.  Be consistent

Although customer service can mean different things to different people, no one can argue when team delivery is smooth running.

However, there's a fine balance between not trying at all and trying too hard. And what someone might find acceptable, someone else might be irritated by. So the subtle touches, subliminal messages and the smiles are what will create a long lasting impression.

How many of you have experienced a great service in the morning and by the evening it feels like all the staff want to go home? A zero tolerance policy has to be in place in order to generate a consistent message to your clients.

Separate your teams into 2 and generate a healthy competition between them as to who can collect the most positive reviews. As well as being a fun way to get noticed this will encourage your team to be supportive of your vision.


Valerie Delforge - Founder and CEO of Delforge + Co

Judge, Key Note Speaker, Commercial Trainer & Coach for the Beauty Industry

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