My client has not turned up

5 tips for the problem of a no show client 

Create and manage a waiting list

A customer waiting list is worth it’s weight in gold.  When a client doesn't turn up you can text/email/call a client on the waiting list to inform them you have an appointment available due to a cancellation.

Have a list of customers that love coming last minute

You will be surprised how many people do and they're great for filling in the white space, especially your regular local clients, local offices etc.

Same as your waiting list, these become your bread and butter quite easily.  

Up-sell to your clients in your salon

You have clients in your salon so make them aware you have more time for them if they wish to be pampered even more. It's worth asking them.

Get outside clients

Get your team to go out and bring clients in or go to the local offices to check if anyone wants an appointment. Your team are also great at calling people they know. You just need to make sure they have a limit on the % they can give away.

Implement training

Find your staff something to do with that free time. If they can't find a paying client, get them to do a model and practice.

There is nothing worse than a bored team. If you work alone we are sure you have plenty to get on with. Set yourself or your team incentives to fill that whit space. 


Valerie Delforge - Founder and CEO of Delforge + Co

Judge, Key Note Speaker, Commercial Trainer & Coach for the Beauty Industry

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