Managing gaps in the diary

Gaps in your diary cost the salon/spa money if you don’t manage them properly. So what can you do to create the most efficient diary?

1.    Make your team aware of this potential loss and encourage staff rewards for great diary management

Give a reason for every gap: break, training, catching up time etc. Make your team accountable

It's absolutely fine to have some gaps in the diary but they must be justified. For example you may allow one of your staff members to go to the bank, but mark it in the diary. That way you are able to see exactly what is going on. 

2.             Look ahead for effective planning

If you find an unnecessary gap in the diary maybe call your clients to ask them if they mind moving their appointment.

It's crucial you look ahead to prevent last minute changes. Chances are, some clients will not mind if you ask them at least a week in advance. It’s a lot trickier than on the day. If they don’t want to that's absolutely fine, at least you're doing everything in your power to minimise this potential cost.

3.           Keep an updated list

Keep a note of all the gaps in the diary. This will help you see if there's a pattern within any particular day. 

4.             Look at the diary 1 hour before opening

This is so important, we are now in the digital world and since customers book last minute, your diary can go from empty to full overnight. Look into your diary at least 1 hour before you open and you'll be able to make the most of the day ahead. 

5.             Check your staff hours reflect your opening hours

A good way to see where you might be losing money is by checking the beginning and the end of the day.  This can be an eye opener.

The staff should be working within their allotted hours but are there some who manage to spend 15 minutes cleaning so they can leave on time?

Consider paying your staff 15 minutes before and after their shift to ensure they're working within the opening hours. It's worth looking into your opening hours and doing a survey  to ensure you're maximising your treatment time


Valerie Delforge - Founder and CEO of Delforge + Co

Key Note Speaker, Commercial Trainer, Judge, Coach & Mentor

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