5 key points to 5* Customer Journey

Customer Service adds value to your business and builds long lasting relationships with your existing and new clients.

The aim of good customer service is to generate a buzz around your Spa/salon/brand.  Get them talking about you, about their positive experience and make sure they keep coming back.

So how can we define such a broad subject?

It simply comes down to the the professionalism of your team and their ability to deliver to a smooth customer journey.

From the minute a customer researches a venue, to the experience itself, you make an impression.

If you consider Customer Service to be your Unique Selling Point (USP) then it will become you and your team’s priority

5 points to 5*customer service

1.    Define your customer journey

Be extremely detailed as it will make the difference between a 5* customer service and an average one.

Start looking at the way the phone is answered, the welcome from reception, the retail experience, the treatment itself, the good bye, the communication thereafter. 

2.  Assess monthly

It's important you look at your business from your customer’s point of view. Sometimes we're so busy with operational issues we forget about how we make the customer feel!

Once a month, go in as a customer, see what they see and look at how other customers are being treated. It's also important to get a mystery shopper in once a month.  Get them to go on varying days and times to ensure customer service is always exemplary.

3.  Encourage and manage reviews

Reviews are your best friend when it comes to customer service. They're not only a great revenue driver but they're also very useful for assessing your business any time. Generate best practices through reviews by ensuring you're feeding them back regularly to your team. 

4.   Train your team to become leaders in customer service

If you want to be the best, you need to invest time training your teams. It shows them how seriously you take the matter. Training can take the form of team meetings, team building days, even a 15 minute meeting before shift.

5.  Be consistent

Although customer service can mean different things to different people, no one can argue about a smooth customer journey delivered with professionalism and grace



Valerie Delforge - Founder and CEO of Delforge + Co

Judge, Key Note Speaker, Commercial Trainer & Coach for the Beauty Industry

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