28th of April - Happy Birthday Delforge + Co

Today, 28th April, is St Valerie Day in France.  Now I know I’m not a saint but as we share the same name I am officially making the 28th of April my day of celebration! It’s the day I chose to relaunch Delforge + Co. last year, the day where I reflect on the growth and development of my business and look to everyone who’s helped me get here.

I’ve had Delforge + Co for 4 years now, but at the relaunch last year I wanted to create something different, a business model that would enable me to support more people and be more pro-active in giving back.

I have so many people to thank for helping me on this journey so far. My past, present and future clients are the reason I get up in the morning.  It’s as a result of their passion and enthusiasm that I continue to love what I do. 

I won’t try to mention everyone who’s been alongside me on this journey over the last year for fear of missing someone out. But for all of you who believe in me and have supported me throughout, I want to thank you for giving me the strength to make my dream a reality.  I am truly grateful to you all.

Sinead de hOra and Clare Cockell are thriving in their respective business and I’m thankful for the expertise as well as the friendship we have developed. 

Giving back from the experiences that I have had throughout my career is what makes it all worthwhile and meeting with so many influencers, creators and innovators reinforces how incredible this industry can be.

Being part of the judging for Pro-Beauty, the World Spa and Wellness Award and British Hair Business Award has only increased my passion to give back.  The number of managers, owners and teams out there keen to show their work is very humbling and they give me the motivation to grow further, not to mention the team of judges and editors that are simply fabulous and inspiring.   

From Skype coaching to seminars, commercial training to webinars, the list goes on, my aim is to inspire and empower everyone to create successful businesses. 

I’m currently using the power of digital marketing to open doors to various projects. Partnerships like the one in France with Tiphaine Modeste have created strong bonds and allowed me to work in my home country of France again.  Who would have thought I would be speaking and writing French after all this time?

There is so much to celebrate in the industry right now. The excitement I feel at the start of each day is the same as when I started out, 26 years ago.

I will be raising a glass tonight with my lovely girls who I must mention.  They have been tremendously supportive this past year - I couldn’t have done it without their young fresh eyes, their patience, understanding and most of all, their humour.

Thank you all and Cheers to that :) 

Merci mes amis et a la votre :)