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Specialising in Spas, Beauty Salons, Hotels, Clinics &

Hairdressers with Beauty.

“In every Spa and salon, the day to day operation as well as staffing takes over your mindset and every day can feel the same with no way forward. When you lose sight of your strategic priorities the pressure mounts quickly & your cashflow suffers. Analysing your business to the core of its existence is the only key to keeping a strong mindset & vision. Let me help you become the Leader of your Spa / Salon by creating a strong strategy which will enable you to avoid and overcome every challenge that could potentially your way. Let me reconnect you with your passion - the business that you love and show you why I am the preferred partner to leading brands in this industry” Valerie Delforge

Before you start your journey with Valerie, secure your complimentary consultation to understand which services will suit you the best in terms of time, budget and needs. Valerie coaches individual entrepreneurs as well as businesses, so the possibilities are endless, you will be sent a questionnaire that will give Valerie an idea of what you are looking for and your situation.

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Success is liking yourself, liking what you do and liking how you do it
— Maya Angelou